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CP Football


CP Football was developed to allow individuals with Cerebral Palsy to participate in the World’s most popular sport. It comprises of 7 players in each team and a game of two halves of 30 minutes each.


CP Football is for ambulant athletes with Cerebral Palsy or an acquired brain injury, and is a team sport played as a recreational activity or competitively at club, national, regional and international level.


The goal of CP Football classification is to ensure all teams are fairly balanced. Each team of seven players must have at least one FT1 player on the field at all times and is not permitted to have more than one FT3 player on the field at a time.

FT1: Most severe impairment
FT2: Moderate impairment
FT3: Minimal impairment

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Impairment Profiles
A: Bilateral spasticity affecting the lower limbs
B: Athetosis or Ataxia – involuntary movement and coordination problems
C: Unilateral spasticity or hemiplegia

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