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Minutes of the ACTC Meeting held on
16 August 2022

Registration Certificate

Competition Details

National Athletics Championship 2022

National CP Football Championship 2022

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Audited Balance Sheets





Selection Committee

The CPSFI Selection Committee comprises of the following

1) Rajesh Tomar

2) M L Dogra

3) NP Singh

4) Joseph Kuok

The Committee is supported by the experts deputed by the able body federation in their respective disciplines

Central Public Info Officer

R K Tyagi, 

Apellate Authority

Rajender Kumar Jain,

Grievance Committee

Ajay Pal LL.M, Chairman,

Kavita Suresh, 

Raquim Khan, 

Sexual Harassment Committee

Ajay Pal LL.M, Chairman,

Kavita Suresh,

Girija Madhu, 

Col D Tanwar, 

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