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CPSFI's 4-stage process

CPSFI has a 4-stage process to promote cp sports in the country. Starting with building awareness around the need for CP Sports, the adaptive sports we promote, identifying the right sport for a child, different levels / kinds of training to competitions at different level. Following are the stages, explained.


Sangiti, Awareness Program

Our awareness program on cp sports wherein we meet organisation/ngos who have been working for the cause and cerebral palsy and introduce cp sports to different stakeholders, the children with cp, their parents, staff & physiotherapists.


Pratibha Yogyata, Talent Hunt Program

Our talent hunt program, a follow up of Sangiti, is to identify children who are interested in sports and guide them with appropriate sport/s involving medical experts in the process.


Prashikshan, Training Program

Our training camps for children in the sport they have chosen. We also conduct training programs to train the trainers, to capacitate them to handle children with cp and also be updated of the technicalities of the adaptive sport. Also programs to understand classification and train classifiers.


Pratiyogita, Competitions

We encourage district and state level competitive sporting events.We also conduct national level meets for various cp sports we promote.

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