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The All India Football Federation, simply known as the AIFF, is the governing body of association football in India. AIFF as a part of its grassroots program is working closely with CPSFI to promote CP football in India.


AIFF & CPSFI as a step towards the collaboration between the two sports federations, come together to promote football. A webinar was organised by CPSFI in association with AIFF on 8th August at 3 pm. Representatives of CPISRA, IFCPF, FIFA, NPCs from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, CP Football federation of Bangladesh.


The purpose was to introduce the E-pathshala Football program, an initiative of Sports Authority of India (SAI) and AIFF. AIFF under its grassroots program collaborated with CPSFI to introduce cp football in the e-pathshala program. CP children from the South Asian countries registered and participated too.


Abhinav Bindra Foundation (ABF) is a non-profit initiative by India’s first Individual Olympic Gold Medalist, Abhinav Bindra. ABF, in India, looks to bring Global Best Practice into the Indian sporting landscape, not only supporting what currently exists as a protocol in sport, but also to make it more accountable, expert-driven, and locally contextualised.


CPSFI has signed an MoU with Abhinav Bindra Foundation (ABF) and the association objective is to create a partnership to acclimatise the Indian sporting ecosystem to cerebral palsy athlete needs and to cater to grassroots/elite cp athletes' sporting needs.

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